Museum Leaders’ Perspectives on
Social Media

"In the context of the shift towards participatory practices within museums, museum engagement with social media represents a form of organizational change. This study approaches social media and the corresponding organizational change from a museum leader’s perspective, utilizing data from a broad cross-section of 82 museums in Norway. We address how the characteristics of a museum and its leader impact social media attitudes, behaviors and intention towards social media-based change."


P. Booth, A. Ogundipe and S. Røyseng in Museum Management and Curatorship.


Kunsten i landskapet Internett

"Begrepet territorium har sitt opphav i ordet terra, som betyr jord, og jord er noe av det mest fysisk tilstedeværende, mest utvetydig materielle og mest håndgripelige man kan forestille seg. Internett oppfattes gjerne som det motsatte: Som noe grunnleggende ikke-materielt, noe usynlig, noe som mangler romlig utstrekning, og noe som – med hele sitt vesen – motsetter seg berøring og fysisk definisjon."

A. Ogundipe, in Det var jo ingen horisont der (edited by P.B. Boym).


A Digital Museum’s
Contribution to Diversity – a User Study

"Responding to the Norwegian cultural policy concern of diversity, this article presents the results from three data sets that capture user background, behaviour, values and opinions regarding the digital portal for museum objects, images and stories, DigitaltMuseum. [...] Designed, where possible, to capture a user’s perspective, the three data sources describe who uses the digital platform, their content preferences, motivation for using the platform, and what they ultimately do with material found."

A.-B. Gran, N.L. Vestberg, P. Booth and A. Ogundipe in Museum Management and Curatorship.


How Digitized Art May Invite or Inhibit Online Visitor Participation (and Why it Matters for Art Museums

"The aim of this article is to examine diversity dimensions of participation and its role in visitors’ encounters with digitized artworks online. Though often employed in discourse on museum digitization, the notion of participation remains resistant to clear-cut definition, as it is diversified in both theoretical content and practical usage."

A. Ogundipe in The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum.

PHD PROJECT (2016–2019)


On the Matter of Participation: Examining a Nexus of Agency, Affordance, Atmosphere and Affect in Onsite and Online Art Museum Environments

"Developing a framework for analysis of participatory processes in aesthetic encounters, the thesis makes a key contribution to participation discourse. The framework constitutes a relational network of theoretical concepts – agency, affordance, atmosphere and affect – and aids in disentangling, articulating and understanding the multidirectional, mutually constitutive relations between museums, museum visitors and museum objects, as well as the technologies and environments which mediate and shape aesthetic encounters."


Digitization and Diversity: Potentials and Challenges for Diversity in the Culture and Media Sector

"The project Digitization and Diversity: Potentials and Challenges for Diversity in the Culture and Media Sector, is financed by the Research Council of Norway through the KULMEDIA programme. The overarching research question is: How does digitization influence the diversity dimensions in the culture and media sector?"