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Anne Ogundipe (PhD) is an independent art and media researcher and a senior advisor in the department of cultural analysis in Arts and Culture Norway.


Her research focuses on aesthetical, cultural and social aspects of digital media, particularly tied to practices and forms of expression in the visual arts field and the museum sector. Her research interests include disruptive technologies, digital platforms and aesthetic encounters. She has written articles on phenomena such as selfie culture, open data, 3D printing and digital museums.


Ogundipe has recently co-edited the books Community, conflict and politics (Fellesskap, konflikt og politikk, 2024) with Arild Danielsen, and Aesthetical practices in the age of digital production (Estetiske praksiser i den digitale produksjonens tidsalder, 2022) with Knut Ove Eliassen and Øyvind Prytz.

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